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DPRK Servicepersons' Movement for Becoming Crack Shots
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, in his New Year Address set forth tasks to further develop the KPA into the powerful revolutionary army of Paektusan that is unfailingly faithful to the Workers' Party of Korea, the leader, the country and the people.

In the address, he stressed that the servicepersons should intensify combat training and launch a brisk movement for becoming crack shots so as to prepare themselves to be a-match-for-a-hundred combatants with excellent marksmanship, strong physique and a high sense of discipline.

After initiating the movement for becoming crack shot, Kim Jong Un wisely led the work to fully display its vitality last year.

Guiding the shooting contest of the participants in the 4th meeting of the company commanders and political instructors of the KPA, he said servicepersons cannot satisfactorily fulfill their combat duties when they are not good at shooting even if they are prepared well politico-ideologically and physically.

It was in March last year that he guided landing and anti-landing drills of KPA units.

He called the women artillery soldiers, who had been involved in the artillery firing at the landing enemies, to come close to him. He personally designated a firepower position beside him and set a target without any notice before giving an order to destroy it.

When they hit the target, he encouraged them to launch a dynamic movement for becoming one-beats-a-hundred crack shots at ordinary times to be artillery heroes.

When guiding a drill of a KPA unit, he initiated the commanding officers of the unit in the knack of marksmanship after inspecting their pistol and automatic rifle shooting event.

He stressed that it is most important for soldiers to become crack shots.

Now all the KPA servicepersons are making strenuous efforts to become crack shots by conducting more intensive combat and political training, true to the intention of Kim Jong Un.

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