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CPRK Secretariat Sends Notice to Unification Ministry of S. Korea
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) sent a notice to the Ministry of Unification of south Korea Thursday via Panmunjom.

The notice recalled that all Koreans and public at home and abroad are becoming more vocal calling for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations, greeting the New Year, pointing out that the same situation as what happened last year should not be allowed to repeat itself.

The notice said:

Prompted by this purpose, we clarified an important principled stand on improving the relations between the north and the south on the occasion of the New Year and showed our will in practice.

The south side, however, behaved from the outset of the New Year quite contrary to our sincere efforts; media, experts and even authorities were indiscreet in their speeches and behaviors. It staged war drills firing bullets and shells.

What was worse, the south side at a New Year press conference argued even our internal matter pro and con, blaming us.

As regards the principled questions raised by us, it gave incoherent answers to them under the pretext of the nuclear issue.

The notice said with great regret that there is no fundamental change in the south side's present stance of confrontation.

It went on:

The south side proposed arranging a reunion of separated families and relatives on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. This is a good offer if it was prompted by its sincere good will to alleviate the pain resulting from division and improve the inter-Korean relations.

By origin, the issue of arranging the reunion of separated families and relatives was proposed by the DPRK and reached almost the phase of implementation last year but it was not realized due to the south Korean authorities' improper attitude and hostile acts. Now we are glad that the south side proposed it.

But in south Korea, one war drill is being followed by another saber-rattling and huge joint military exercises are slated soon, the notice said, querying can the separated families and relatives have reunions in peace amid gunfire.

Moreover, the Lunar New Year's Day should be taken into consideration in the light of the season and timing, the notice said, adding if there is no other thing happening in the south side and if the south side has intent to discuss the proposals of our side, too, both sides can sit together in a good season.

The notice expressed the stand of our side to make efforts for the improvement of the north-south relations in the future, too.

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