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Mass Rallies Vow to Carry Out Tasks Set Forth in New Year Address
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- Mass rallies in Kangwon Province and Nampho City Thursday vowed to thoroughly carry out the important tasks laid out by Marshal Kim Jong Un in the New Year Address.

The rallies were attended by officials of the provincial and city party, power and economic organs, working people's organizations, factories, enterprises, farms and universities and other people including youth and students.

At the rally in Kangwon Province the reporter and speakers called for actively introducing scientific farming method and doing all farm work as required by the Juche farming method and thus reap a rich harvest on all co-op farm fields in the province this year.

They stressed the need to push forward the construction of major projects including stock-breeding base in Sepho tableland, Kosan fruit farm and Wonsan Army-People Power Station and thus turn city and counties into a socialist land of bliss.

They also called for learning from the example set by those in the fisheries of the Korean People's Army to modernize fishing vessels and tackles and conduct active fishing and offshore culture in a big way.

They vowed to establish the traits of attaching importance to the military affairs and arms, actively aid the army, consolidate the great army-people unity in every way.

The reporter and speakers at Nampho City mass rally called on the Chollima Steel Complex, Taean Heavy Machine Complex and Kangso Knitwear Factory and other factories and enterprises to increase production and accelerate construction by relying on locally available raw materials and fuel and ultra-modern science and technology.

They underlined the need to uphold Kim Jong Un's New Year Address and turn Nampho city into a modern port city and give a face-lift to streets, neighborhoods and worksites.

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