calendar>>December 26. 2013 Juche 102
S. Korean Regime's Crackdown on Progressive Organization under Fire
Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea issued a statement on Monday denouncing the south Korean puppet regime for its illegal crackdown on the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.

The statement recalled that policemen broke into office rooms of the confederation, destroying windows and furniture and threatening and walking off workers at random on December 22 even though the search-warrant was rejected.

The regime acted against law, though it had blamed someone for "illegality", it criticized, and went on:

Park Geun Hye disclosed her ulterior intention to persist in cracking down on the trade unions. This is defiance and challenge to the popular mind-set.

It urged the Park's "government" to apologize for the repressive racket, punish the chief culprit and halt the privatization.

The statement declared that the Solidarity for Progress of south Korea would positively support the workers' strike for checking the privatization of railway service and invariably stage solidarity actions for them.

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