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Overseas Koreans Intensify Actions Demanding Resignation of Park Geun Hye
Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- Overseas Koreans staged widespread actions in different parts of the world in protest against the fraudulent election of Park Geun Hye and in demand of her resignation.

On Dec. 20 Koreans in France held a meeting in Paris in demand of the resignation of Park.

Present at the meeting were Koreans of academic circles and religious organizations and French people.

Speakers at the meeting accused Park Geun Hye of pursuing policies for herself only after coming to power by frauds.

Calling for achieving justice at the cost of lives, they strongly demanded an investigation into the fraudulent election and re-election in south Korea.

Koreans in Germany staged an action in Berlin on the same day demanding the chief executive of south Korea to step down.

Next day Koreans in Canada and U.K. held meetings in Toronto and London. Chanting slogans urging Park to resign, the participants bitterly denounced the unfair election and expressed the will to intensify the struggle for democracy in south Korea.

Koreans in the U.S. staged a candlelight demonstration in Philadelphia on Dec. 22. They demanded Park Geun Hye step down for democracy in south Korea. A similar action took place in Washington on the same day.

On Dec. 19 Koreans in Los Angeles waged a demo chanting such slogans as "Let us struggle till Park Geun Hye resigns!" and "Let us disband Intelligence Service!".

The "Association of south Koreans in Japan for Democracy and Unification" conducted agitation actions in protest against the unfair election held in south Korea and in demand of resignation of Park Geun Hye regime in Tokyo, Osaka and other parts of Japan on Dec. 19.

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