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DPRK's Signal Successes in Its Drive to Emerge Sports Power
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- This year the DPRK witnessed spectacular successes in the development of Juche-orented sports.

The work for the development of sports has definitely turned into a drive involving the whole party and state and all people. As a result, a hot wind of sports swept across the country and successes in international sports events pleased the country all the year.

The year saw more than 40 tournaments among various sports teams and working people's teams. There took place DPRK Championships, national sports contest of workers, the eleventh grand bull prize national ssirum contest and other competitions.

Sportspersons achieved such spectacular successes as bagging 390 medals including 164 gold medals in over 70 international games including the recent 14th Asian Youth Judo Championship and the 7th Asian Junior Judo Championship.

Taekwon-Do players also won four trophy cups and 28 medals including 21 gold medals and demonstrated the spirit of orthodox martial art unique to the Korean nation.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un unrolled a grand plan to build a sports power in the advance of a new century of Juche true to the noble intentions of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and wisely led the struggle to realize it.

A solid material and technical foundation has been laid to develop the nation's sports under the care of the party.

Pyongyang Indoor Stadium was successfully remodeled as a comprehensive indoor stadium and popular sports service center, the modern Pyongyang International Football School appeared on the picturesque Rungna Islet and sports village in Chongchun Street is renovated.

Many gymnasiums, stadiums and sporting parks were built in different parts of the country including Pyongyang and sportspersons, working people of various circles and school youth and children conducted brisk sporting activities.

This year witnessed various domestic sports contests and other games and popular sports activities.

DPRK sportspersons achieved great successes in international games.

Many sports experts, fans and media in the world praised the successes made by Korean sportspersons this year as victories of sports teams of the DPRK in sky-high spirits and promising stars.

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