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S. Korean Police's Suppression of Trade Union Protested
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- Political parties and organizations in south Korea on Dec. 22 protested against the vicious repressive racket kicked up by the puppet police against the Confederation of Trade Unions.

The Unified Progressive Party denounced the police for hurling more than 5,000 riot troops into the operation to occupy the headquarters of the confederation and mercilessly suppress it that day despite the dismissal of a search warrant against the confederation.

It went on:

The racket revealed the regime's ulterior intention to realize the privatization at any cost by removing hurdles lying in its way.

The regime should be aware that its suppression of trade unions' just struggle is little short of sparking off its own crisis.

The Democratic Party said the tyrannical action taken against the confederation fully disclosed the true nature of Park Geun Hye regime's rule under the pretext of security.

The Committee for Labor and Social Affairs of the Citizens Solidarity for Democratic Society declared that it would hold the regime and police fully accountable for the action as they are keen to stave off their crisis by physical force.

The Solidarity for Social Progress warned that the on-going violence would trigger off all-people resistance in the future.

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