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Overseas Koreans Demand Resignation of S. Korean Chief Executive
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- Koreans in the U.S. at a meeting on Dec. 20 demanded the resignation of Park Geun Hye, according to the south Korean Internet paper Thongil News.

At the meeting, the speakers pointed to the problems related to Park's policies against common people and labor and her dictatorial rule and urged her to step down for justice of the south Korean society.

They declared that they would carry on their struggle till Park steps down.

A joint statement was issued at the meeting.

Then the participants staged a demonstration, chanting the slogans "Park Geun Hye, the chief culprit of the fraudulent election, step down!", "Arrest Lee Myung Bak, the chief culprit of the fraudulent election!", "Dissolve the Intelligence Service which orchestrated the election rigging!" and "Park Geun Hye is not legitimate 'president'!".

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