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Chinese Praise Kimjongilia
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- Those who visited the venue of Kimjongilia show in Shenyang, China were greatly excited to see the famous flower.

The chairperson of the Center for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries under the Publicity Department of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, said:

Kimjongilia is a flower reflecting boundless reverence of all people for leader Kim Jong Il, a great man.

He was a close friend of the Chinese people. He performed undying feats for the development of Sino-Korean friendly relations.

The show helped me keenly realize once again the need to invariably develop the traditional Sino-Korean friendship provided and cultivated by President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il together with Chinese revolutionaries of the elder generations.

The secretary of the General Office of the Shenyang City People's Government said in the excited tone that the beautiful Kimjongilias made him cherish deep reverence for Kim Jong Il who is always remembered not only by the Korean people but by the Chinese and other world people.

The chairperson of a businessmen's association of Liaoning Province said:

We attach great importance to this show.

The show would mark an important occasion for helping the Chinese people know better about Kim Jong Il's efforts for the development of Sino-Korean friendship and the reverence of mankind for him.

We sincerely wish the Korean people great success in building a thriving nation under the guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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