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Kim Jong Un Visits Command of Large Combined Unit 526 of KPA
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, visited the Command of Large Combined Unit 526 of the KPA to congratulate its service personnel on significant December 24.

He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Yong Gil, Jang Jong Nam, So Hong Chan, Kim Su Gil, Pak Jong Chon, Pak Thae Song and Kim Tong Hwa.

He extended warm congratulations to all service personnel of the unit celebrating the holiday.

He said that leader Kim Jong Il's assumption of supreme commandership of the revolutionary armed forces marked a historic event of great significance in developing the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army and carrying out the cause of socialism, and a great auspicious national event which provided a firm guarantee for the destiny and future of the country.

Kim Jong Il ushered in the greatest heyday of the development of the revolutionary armed forces with his rare wisdom, outstanding commanding art and matchless guts, he noted, adding:

Kim Jong Il strengthened the People's Army into the invincible revolutionary forces, placed all people under arms and turned the whole country into a fortress and thus put the country on the position of the world's military super power. These undying exploits will shine for all ages.

He underlined the need to always remember the brilliant annals in which all service personnel and people performed epoch-making miracles and brought about innovations in their struggle for protecting socialism and building a thriving nation, weathering storm and stress unprecedented in history under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, and significantly commemorate December 24, the day when he was held in high esteem as supreme commander of the KPA.

Kim Jong Un looked round the room for the education in the revolutionary history and the room devoted to the history of the unit.

Recollecting with deep emotion the undying exploits of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il recorded in the annals of the unit's history, he said it was thanks to their wise leadership and meticulous care that the unit has grown to be a powerful and matchless combat unit.

Praising the unit for arranging well the above-said rooms and conducting effective education of its service personnel through them, he underscored the need for the unit to intensify the education of them in the undying leadership exploits of the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu and thus help all its service personnel add glory to the proud tradition of the unit by performing feats in rounding off combat readiness and bolstering up combat capabilities.

At the operation command rooms, the room devoted to military research and the pistol shooting gallery, he heard a detailed report on training and the unit's performance of duty.

He was satisfied to learn that the large combined unit arranged well the operation command rooms as intended by the party and scrupulously operated the room devoted to military research, thus helping its commanding officers and members of the staff steadily improve their ability to map out and command combat operations.

He instructed the unit to put utmost spurs on rounding off its combat readiness with the firm viewpoint and stand that it should be wholly responsible for its combat readiness before the party, always bearing in mind that a war breaks out without any prior notice.

Noting that the unit has a very important duty to perform, he indicated important tasks to be fulfilled by it to bolster up its combat capability in every way.

Going round various places including the hall of service personnel and the mushroom greenhouse, he learned about the political and ideological education, supply service and command and management of the unit.

Expressing expectation and belief that the service personnel of the unit would firmly defend with arms the socialist country dynamically advancing toward a final victory, while keeping themselves in perfect combat readiness, he had a photo session with them.

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