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Protest against Railways Privatization Goes on in S. Korea
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- The Railway Trade Union of south Korea held a meeting at Chonggye Plaza in Seoul on Dec. 21 in protest against the puppet regime's policy for privatization of railways. It was attended by at least 3,000 unionists.

Speakers at the meeting said the authorities managed railways in an irresponsible manner to be saddled with debts and are insisting on justice of privatization, talking about the efficiency of management.

The authorities are cracking down on the action of the trade union against privatization, distorting the essence of the action, they said, and went on:

We should not step back from the present action, but wage more vigorous action together with the people who joined in the strike.

Then, the unionists held a candlelight meeting with citizens from all walks of life.

The participants in the meeting expressed their will to continue the action until the authorities' bid for privatization is withdrawn.

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