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Kim Jong Suk Always Remembered by Korean People
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- The people in the DPRK recall with deep emotion the immortal exploits performed by Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero who devoted her noble life to the freedom and independence of the country, on the occasion of her 96th birth anniversary (December 24).

After embarking on the road of revolution led by President Kim Il Sung in her early age, Kim Jong Suk performed distinguished feats in the bloody war against the Japanese army.

In particular, she accomplished brilliant feats as a superb markswoman in different battlefields including Fusong county town, Hongqihe and Dashahe gully.

The Korean people still engrave in their minds her image firing at the enemies with two Mausers in both hands to defend the headquarters of revolution.

Once in a battle, she fired a single shot at midnight to cut off the enemy's telephone line. Beside this, there are a lot of anecdotes conveying her ace marksmanship. In praise of her marksmanship, her fellow guerrillas maintained that her shots would likely have eyes.

She always said that all the fighters under the command of Kim Il Sung should regard it not only as a simple military duty but as a noble mission for devotedly defending Kim Il Sung, the destiny of the Korean nation, to acquire high marksmanship.

Even After the liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial rule, she remained invariable in devotedly defending Kim Il Sung with arms until the last days of her life.

Therefore, all the servicepersons and people in the DPRK are paying the highest tribute to Kim Jong Suk, who will always live in their hearts with the red flag of the revolution, on the occasion of her birth anniversary.

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