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S. Korean Authorities' Bid to Privatize Railways Denounced
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People on Dec. 20 carried an article denouncing the south Korean puppet government authorities for trying to privatize railways.

The article said:

Park Geun Hye is reneging on her election commitments that she would not privatize railways.

The Park regime is suppressing the strike of the Railway Trade Union protesting against railways privatization, branding it as "unjustified one hurting economy".

The world community is criticizing the behavior of the present "government" as undemocratic repression of the dictatorial regime.

If railways are privatized, business managers keen on seeking profits would not properly repair protection devices, signal facilities and railway lines only to increase accidents.

Those countries which underwent the hardships after their railways privatization are nationalizing railways again. Nevertheless, the present "government" is further deteriorating people's living in disregard of reality.

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