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Cambodian Radios Introduce Socialist Construction in DPRK
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- Cambodian radios reported that a new speed of socialist construction is being created in the DPRK.

The State Radio Broadcasting Service on Dec. 18, referring to the "Speed on Masik Pass", said:

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is dynamically advancing at the "Speed on Masik Pass".

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un initiated the building of a ski resort in the area of Masik Pass.

Service personnel of the Korean People's Army built various ski courses 40 to 120 m in width and 110,000 m in total length in less than a year.

Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the soldier-builders for having carried out the huge project that would take others more than 10 years to accomplish.

He sent an appeal to all service personnel and people to usher in a new heyday on all fronts of socialist construction at the "Speed on Masik Pass."

Amid the high-pitched drive for applying the "Speed on Masik Pass", they brought about leaping progress in all fields of economic construction.

The reclaimers of Sepho Tableland achieved great successes in the creation of pasture and brought about uninterrupted innovations in the building of stock-breeding bases.

Making a round of apartment houses for scientists, Kim Jong Un said that it was a remarkable achievement that such excellent apartment houses were built in a short span of time, calling it a fruition of "Speed on Masik Pass" intended by the Workers' Party of Korea.

The FM 90.5 Radio aired similar program on Dec. 19.

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