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Floral Baskets and Bouquets to DPRK Missions in Various Countries
Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) -- Foreign political parties, ministries of governments, organizations, institutions and personages sent floral baskets and bouquets to DPRK missions in their countries on Dec. 17 and 18 on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of demise of leader Kim Jong Il.

They included the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Investment, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, the Commission for External Affairs of the C.C., the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia, the general chairman of the Central Directive Council of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, a secretary of the first vice-president of Iran, the director of an Iranian trade company, the chairman of the Malaysian committee for remembering leader Kim Jong Il, the general director of the Malaysian M.K.P Company and the general manager of a coal and minerals company of Malaysia, etc.

Those floral baskets and bouquets were placed before the portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and full-length paintings depicting Kim Il Sung standing together with Kim Jong Il.

Meanwhile, foreign diplomatic missions in Cuba sent floral baskets and bouquets to the DPRK embassy in Havana.

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