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Anniversary of Demise of Kim Jong Il Commemorated Abroad
Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- Political Parties, organizations of various countries posted special write-ups on their websites in the period between Dec. 6 and 17 on the occasion of the second anniversary of demise of leader Kim Jong Il.

The Socialist Party of Romania posted an article titled "Great leader Kim Jong Il" on its website "Juche Idea".

The article noted that Kim Jong Il firmly protected the dignity and sovereignty of the country and opened up a bright prospect of building a thriving nation and realizing the country's reunification, holding high the banner of Songun.

The Polish Branch of the Korean Friendship Association posted on its website an article titled "Comrade Kim Jong Il will always live as the sun" with his photos.

The Society for the Promotion of the Relations between Austria and DPRK posted various articles on its website.

Noting one of the exploits Chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il performed for the cause of socialism was that he protected socialism, an article titled "Exploits for cause of socialism" said:

At the end of the 20th century he dealt a resolute counter-strike at the moves of the imperialists and anti-socialist elements by proving the scientific accuracy and truth of socialism and inevitability of its victory through his energetic ideological and theoretical activities.

He also protected the DPRK and ushered in a new era of surge for the cause of socialism by pursuing the original Songun politics.

The undying exploits he performed for the cause of socialism have been successfully carried forward by supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

An article titled "Smile of great man" was also posted on the website.

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