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New Korean Feature Film Produced
Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- The Korean April 25 Film Studio produced feature film "Small House on Forefront".

The film depicts a field army surgeon who shows all sincerity for service personnel at a forefront post. It represents from where the loving care of commanding officers of the revolutionary army for soldiers stems.

Hero of the film Ryom Min has worked as the head of the field medical treatment team on the forefront for a long period, true to the noble intention of General Secretary Kim Jong Il who takes the warmest care of soldiers. Ryom hands over his work to Thae Ung who volunteered to work there after graduating from a university.

Thae Ung thinks of his honor before feeling responsible for his duty. Ryom, therefore, hands over his work to Thae Ung in a responsible manner, hoping he would become a good army surgeon for soldiers.

Thae Ung is deeply touched to see Ryom helping commanding officers take warm care of soldiers as their parents would do and know well about their inmost troubles before anyone while climbing steep mountains on the forefront almost every day.

Hearing the story about the field medical treatment team which can be found in the wartime only, Thae Ung deeply feels through the exemplary practices of Ryom that the sincerity for soldiers is based on the great comradeship of Kim Jong Il, not merely on medical skills.

In particular, Thae Ung is deeply impressed by the self-sacrificing spirit of Ryom who pulls through a mine field without hesitation to operate on an urgent case on the day he is expected to leave the post after handing over his work, and thinks of comrade before his own life.

Through the portrayal of army surgeons embodying Kim Jong Il's outlook on soldiers, the film impressively shows that the small field medical treatment team on the forefront is like a large home under his profound loving care for soldiers.

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