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Minju Joson Assails Japan's Zealous Move for Reinvasion
Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- The government of Japan recently reexamined the decision of a meeting of cabinet ministers in 1999 which stipulated the varieties of weapons available to "members of Self-Defense Forces" overseas and decided a policy to abrogate any limitation regulations as regards it.

Minju Joson Friday in a commentary observes in this regard:

Such move of Japan goes to clearly prove that it is rushing headlong into launching overseas invasion while eliminating all the obstacles in its way one by one.

In actuality all the major policies of Japan have been oriented to realizing its wild ambition for overseas invasion and it has reached a very critical phase.

Japan intends to revise even the law in a bid to exercise the "right to collective self-defense" at its will, and throw away the "three principles of arms export" like a pair of old shoes. It is now trying to let overseas "SDF members" carry all sorts of lethal weapons.

This indicates that Japan's move to rescind the decision of the 1999 cabinet ministerial meeting is not merely confined to the issue of carrying weapons.

It is an ulterior design sought by Japan to seize a bayonet of reinvasion and brandish it at its will against other countries and nations.

If such reckless move stepped up by Japan to materialize its wild ambition for reinvasion is overlooked, mankind will not be able to escape monstrous misfortunes. So it is a weighty political task of the international community to hinder Japan from emerging a war state.

The reckless move of samurai descendents will only precipitate their self-destruction.

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