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S. Koreans' Struggle against Dictatorship Supported by Koreans' Organization in Russia
Pyongyang, December 18 (KCNA) -- The chief of the Korean Autonomous Society for National Culture in Partizansk City in the Maritime Territory, Russia released a statement on Dec. 15 in support of the south Korean people's struggle against the revival of "yusin" dictatorship.

The statement supported the south Korean people in their struggle for social democracy.

South Koreans call for the democratization of society and earlier national reunification but reality of south Korea shows everything goes against their demand, it noted, adding:

The south Korean authorities are now mercilessly suppressing those with progressive thoughts, those demanding democracy and right to existence and even religionists making just remarks.

People are taking streets in protest against the unreasonable repressive policy of the south Korean regime.

Their demand for peace, stability, reunification and democracy can never be an excuse for suppression as it is just.

The statement urged the south Korean authorities to stop at once their fascist repressive move reminiscent of the "yusin" dictatorship.

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