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Many Literary, Art Works Created to Honor Kim Jong Il
Pyongyang, December 18 (KCNA) -- Literary men and other people have created at least 100 poems and novels in a little over a month to mark the second anniversary of demise of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

An epic "It snows on this land wrapped in atmosphere of longing for Kim Jong Il" reflects bitter grief of the people in December of 2011 when sky, land, plants and trees seemed to lament. It deals with people sweeping in bitter grief snow on the avenues to be passed by the car carrying his coffin.

It impressively delineates the fact that the ideals of the great father Kim Jong Il are coming true on this land thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Un taking deep care of the people across the country as Kim Jong Il did.

People are deeply moved to read a long poem "Our eternal sun Comrade Kim Jong Il" and words of songs "Great life of devotion" and "Chanting long live the General" praising the great revolutionary life and immortal exploits of Kim Jong Il and representing the pledge to accomplish the Songun revolutionary cause, true to his behests.

A short story "New legend on Okryu Restaurant" deals with a new legend on the public catering center created under the care of Kim Jong Il, saying his great loving care has been carried forward by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Such poems as "Might of love", "Hero artillery piece opened fire", "We will shower fire on citadel for war" and "Unsinkable warship, forward" represent the will of service personnel of the Korean People's Army to devotedly protect Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un with arms.

Songs "We know you only" and "Revolutionary armed forces uphold leadership of Marshal only" created recently redouble the determination of all service personnel and people to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Kim Jong Il, the Songun revolutionary cause, firmly trusting and following the Marshal only despite any storm and stress.

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