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Construction of Pyongyang Associated with Feats of Peerlessly Great Men (3)
Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- Pyongyang has taken on new looks as befitting a city of a highly civilized socialist country under the energetic guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un, who has creditably put into practice the idea of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on architecture.

Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to edifices under construction in Pyongyang one after another, indicating the orientations and ways to build them on a high level.

Thanks to his guidance, Changjon Street in the heart of Pyongyang was rebuilt into a cradle for a highly civilized life of the people, boasting of skyscraping and high-rise apartment houses, People's Theatre, Pyongyang Children's Department Store and other service centers.

He led to a successful completion the construction projects initiated and planned by General Secretary Kim Jong Il in his lifetime, including Rungna People's Pleasure Park, Ryugyong Health Complex, People's Open-air Ice Rink, Pyongyang Folklore Park and sports parks.

Kim Jong Un worked out a grand plan this year to usher in a new heyday of construction.

He saw to it that the spirit of the "speed on Masik Pass" was fully displayed in all construction sites, while giving ceaseless field guidance to them.

He gave guidance to mapping out the layout of the Munsu Water Park more than 110 times and often visited its construction site to indicate the ways to complete the project on the highest level.

Under his energetic guidance the construction of the park was completed in nine months and Unha Scientist Street in seven months.

This year, Pyongyang witnessed the construction of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, Mirim Riding Club, Ryugyong Dental Hospital, Okryu Children's Hospital, apartment houses for educators of Kim Il Sung University, etc, all of which are very good in architectural and aesthetic aspects.

Thanks to the immortal leadership exploits performed by the peerlessly great men in the construction of Pyongyang, a rosy future is in store for the city.

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