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Kim Jong Un's Work Carried by Paper of DR Congo
Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) -- La Prosperite, the paper of DR Congo, carried the detailed gist of supreme leader Kim Jong Un's work "Let Us Step Up the Building of a Thriving Country by Applying Kim Jong Il's Patriotism" on December 6.

The paper carried a preface as follows, illustrated with a portrait of smiling General Secretary Kim Jong Il:

The Korean people commemorate the 2nd anniversary of demise of Kim Jong Il on December 17.

He passed away to our deep regret so unexpectedly and so untimely on December 17, 2011. It was the greatest loss in the history of the Korean nation spanning 5,000 years.

He was an outstanding thinker and theoretician, a peerlessly elder statesman and brilliant Songun commander who led the revolutionary cause of Juche to victory with his profound idea and theory and through his extraordinary leadership. He was also a peerless patriot and benevolent father of the people who adorned his revolutionary life with his noble dedication to the motherland and people.

It is thanks to him that the immortal Juche idea, the Songun idea founded by President Kim Il Sung is shedding its bright rays as the guiding idea in the era of independence, the revolutionary tradition of Mt. Paektu was firmly defended, the might of the Workers' Party of Korea and army and the national power of the DPRK strengthened in every way and a great heyday of national prosperity unprecedented in the history spanning five thousand years opened up.

He firmly defended socialism in the grimmest ordeals and provided the powerful political, military and economic foundation for the eternal prosperity of the nation. This is the greatest exploit performed by him.

The service personnel and people of the DPRK have keenly realized that they had made revolution under the leadership of the great man, the sun of the nation and their father. They are firmly determined to carry out his desire and cause to the end.

Kim Jong Un, the great successor to the Juche cause, who is identical to President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in idea, leadership, traits and benevolence is leading the Korean people.

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