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Korean in U.S. Urges Park Geun Hye to Step down
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- A Korean in the U.S. posted an article titled "Regime hell-bent on racket for eliminating forces following the north" on a website on Dec. 3.

Many people were disappointed to hear the announcement of the results of the "presidential" election in south Korea last year that Park Geun Hye was elected "president", the article said, and went on:

If the election had taken a normal course, its outcome would have been otherwise. It was proved recently with convincing evidence that it was a fraudulent election. It is deplorable that Park Geun Hye and her group are labeling those critical of the election rigging as "forces following the north".

Park, who won the election by garnering illegal votes, is obliged to step down herself as demanded by the public.

She is stunning the people as she is enforcing a repressive rule, following in the footsteps of Park Chung-hee.

She has maintained her power through the racket for eliminating the "forces following the north" for almost one year since she became the boss of Chongwadae. There is nothing her team the Saenuri Party has done for the sake of the people.

For how long she will kick up the racket, the article queried, demanding Park own the responsibility for the election rigging, though belatedly, and step down.

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