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No Room for Factionists to Live in: News Analyst
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- The army and people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are now stepping up the general march towards the final victory in the drive for the building of a thriving nation, getting closely united around Marshal Kim Jong Un.

In the course of achieving the unity of the Workers' Party of Korea and the revolutionary ranks on a high level, the recent enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK fully laid bare the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts of the chance elements and alien elements who had made their ways into the party.

The meeting held on December 8 dealt a decisive blow at dangerous factional acts by resolutely purging Jang Song Thaek and his group that dared expand its forces in the party to challenge the party in a bid to undermine the unitary leadership of the party in the historic period of carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The purge of the present-day factionists is inevitability of history.

Committing factional acts only leads to splitting the revolutionary ranks and helping the enemy of the revolution.

From its outset, the Korean revolution has witnessed the uncompromising struggle against factionists harming the unity of the revolutionary ranks, and only victories with the history of the unity.

The DPRK army and people are now advancing toward the rosy future of a thriving socialist nation, single-heartedly rallied around Kim Jong Un. In this new era of the Juche revolution, there is no room for a handful of political careerists and factionists to live in.

The Korean people followed President Kim Il Sung only with absolute trust in him in difficult days of the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953) and postwar rehabilitation in which factionists became evermore vicious in their moves against the WPK. During the Arduous March, the forced march, they cheerfully broke through manifold hardships with a firm conviction that the rosy future was in store only when they were guided by leader Kim Jong Il.

The Korean people dealt heavy blows to the counter-revolutionary factionists going against the WPK in the last century. They have further cemented the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks after turning the bitter sorrow at the loss of the President into strength and courage with a firm determination as shown by the song "Hold High the Red Flag".

The tradition of the single-minded unity has creditably been carried forward by the coming generations.

The revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered in Mt. Paektu is successfully making a progress under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, who keeps in his mind the brilliant traditions provided by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu as the lifeline, most precious property and permanent lineage of the Korean revolution.

The single-minded unity is the mainstay for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche. The purge of the factionists who challenged the party and revolution, country and people makes the unity of the revolutionary ranks purer and closer.

Invincible is the harmonious whole of the party, army and people, closely rallied around the leader with the same idea and will.

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