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S. Korean Ruling Forces Accused of Escalating Confrontation: News Analyst
Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- The present ruling forces of south Korea have kicked up a whirlwind of confrontation with the DPRK unprecedented in history under the signboard of "confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula" since they came to power.

They have tried hard to cover up the confrontation policy craftier than Lee Myung Bak's "no nukes, opening and 3,000 dollars" with the veil of "confidence." They have committed too many crimes against the DPRK to enumerate in the first year of their office under this signboard.

The puppet group has rushed headlong into escalating the confrontation since their seizure of power, saying that the "confidence-building process" would bring about progress in the north-south relations.

Though six rounds of working-level talks between the authorities of the north and the south took place for resuming the operation in the Kaesong Industrial Zone, the puppet group disturbed them in every way, rendering them fruitless.

When the north and the south agreed to open their authorities' talks in Seoul, the puppet group put a brake on the issue of opening them over the matter of chief delegate, making them abortive.

When the situation on the Korean Peninsula was put on an orbit of detente and the inter-Korean relations were in the process of mending thanks to the positive efforts made by the DPRK, the puppet group let loose such provocative remarks that all those successes were ascribable to its "confidence-building process" and its "principled policy towards the north" was pulling the north. Consequently, the working-level talks between authorities of the north and the south for arranging the reunion of separated families and relatives and resuming the tour of Mt. Kumgang were indefinitely put off.

Not content with opposing dialogue with the DPRK, the group made no scruple of denying the agreements already reached between the north and the south.

The south Korean regime's frantic confrontation of social systems has reached an alarming phase while its smear campaign against the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK has gone beyond a tolerance limit under the signboard of "confidence."

It invited riff-raffs from the U.S. and its neighboring countries styling themselves experts to Seoul and let them say volumes about "possibility of the north's collapse."

It, at the same time, desperately perpetrated such human rights abuses as conducting operations to allure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK.

It has conducted a ceaseless smear campaign against the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defence.

It has brought an unprecedentedly great danger of a nuclear war to this land under the signboard of "confidence" policy.

Right after it took office, the regime worked out such a document for aggression as the "joint plan for coping with the provocation of a local war" to be followed by a "strategy for annihilating the north's army" through massive missile strikes.

In October last alone, the south Korean warmongers staged ceaseless military drills in the East, West and South Seas of Korea with a nuclear carrier of the U.S. imperialists involved. They staged joint air logistic drills with U.S. forces for the first time and the largest-ever "Max Thunder" drill with the U.S. air force.

What merits attention is that the puppet forces have intensified their joint military drills with the Japan "Self-defense Forces" unprecedented in their history.

Troops of the SDF conducted together with south Korean forces naval drills in the waters southeast of Jeju Island in May. They also staged large-scale joint naval strike maneuvers in the South Sea of Korea in October.

Meanwhile, the puppet group of south Korea has put spurs to bolstering up its preemptive strike forces as evidenced by its hectic moves to import various types of missiles, warships, reconnaissance drones, bombs for destroying underground bunkers and air tankers. All these facts go to prove that its moves for a nuclear war have reached a more reckless phase in the past one year.

The south Korean ruling forces would be well advised to stop going reckless if they do not want to meet the same miserable end as that of the preceding dictators.

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