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S. Korean "Saenuri Party" Accused of Its Self-justified Action
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea in a commentary Monday denounced the "Saenuri Party" for its self-justified acts.

It recalled that a lawmaker from the Democratic Party on Sunday called last year's "presidential election" fraudulent and urged Park Geun Hye to resign.

In this regard, the "Saenuri Party" branded his call as "non-compliance with the results of the presidential election" and is working hard to divest him of membership of the "National Assembly", the commentary said, and went on:

Its attempt to suppress the lawmaker, taking issue with his remarks reflecting public resentment at the present "government", is reminiscent of the period of "yusin".

The arrogant attitude of the "Saenuri Party" reveals the instinct of dictatorship once again.

The "Saenuri Party" would be well advised to properly understand the reason why even the lawmaker is calling for the resignation of the chief executive in the wake of the protest of the religious circle and why people are growing so angry.

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