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Soldiers Saved from Jaw of Death
Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) -- Critically wounded service personnel of the Korean People's Internal Security Forces were fully recovered thanks to the sincere care of medical workers of Pyongyang Medical College Hospital of Kim Il Sung University. Recently they returned to their post for defending the country.

Upon receiving a report on what medical workers of the college hospital did, Marshal Kim Jong Un extended thanks to them.

The service personnel were seriously wounded in an accident that occurred in April last while waging a high-pitched drive to reclaim the Sepho tableland, true to the order of the Supreme Commander.

Upon learning about this, Kim Jong Un made sure that they were brought back to life and completely cured at the college hospital.

Medical workers of the college hospital immediately rushed to the spot, diagnosed the patients and took measures for the first-aid resuscitation before starting medical treatment of them. The most critically wounded six soldiers were sent to Pyongyang.

At that time, they remained completely unconscious after getting serious bruises on their heads and other wounds.

A treatment group was made up of competent professors, doctors, teachers and physicians to take technical and administrative measures. During their treatment more than a hundred consultative meetings were held at the hospital and blood was transfused into the patients more than a hundred times.

The patients were provided with a large amount of blood and expensive medicines, nutrients, tonics, etc., during more than 200 days of their hospitalization.

There are touching stories about officials and other people of Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang City Preventive Hospital No. 3, Pyongyang City People's Security Bureau, Pyongyang Koryo Hotel, Okryu Restaurant and many other units who showed profound care for the patients.

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