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Rodong Sinmun Accuses S. Korean Authorities of Rewriting History Textbooks
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) -- Some time ago, the puppet Ministry of Education of south Korea pressed some publishing houses to unconditionally revise the contents of the history textbooks for high schools that are displeasing the authorities.

The contents to be revised all incite confrontation as they defame the land reform, the Juche idea and socialist economy in the DPRK and distort the historical facts about the past Korean war and the Cheonan warship sinking case.

They also justify the national division and the smear anti-DPRK "human rights" campaign.

Rodong Sinmun Monday in a commentary says this revision is a criminal act to abuse history textbooks for imbuing the growing generation with hostility towards the fellow countrymen and making society fascist and reactionary.

The situation vividly shows the puppet group of south Korea is not concerned about the destiny of the nation at all but keen on escalating confrontation with the north and realizing the ambition to invade it, the paper says, and goes on:

The grim situation in south Korea where the education in history is abused as a tool for the revival of "yusin" dictatorship and confrontation with fellow countrymen can never be tolerated.

If the present situation is overlooked, it will make democracy more difficult to be realized in south Korea and have a great negative influence on the national reconciliation and unity.

It is natural that the south Korean public fights against the puppet group distorting the truth of history and abusing the noble education as a lever for escalating confrontation.

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