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Peace on Korean Peninsula Is Prerequisite to Global Peace
Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) -- Peace and security should be ensured on the Korean Peninsula as it is a prerequisite and an important link in ensuring the global peace.

An article in Rodong Sinmun Sunday notes that humankind has faced a pressing task of preventing a nuclear war and protecting peace on the peninsula.

The tense situation and danger of a nuclear war on the peninsula are direct products of the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK and its pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy, the article says, and goes on:

Washington has turned south Korea, small land, into the biggest nuclear arsenal and advanced nuclear base, yet it still keeps shipping the WMDs into it.

The U.S. is crazy with nuclear war drills in south Korea. As a result, gun reports echo in south Korea and its vicinity almost every day with strong powder smell given off.

Given that south Korea has become the biggest advanced nuclear base in the world and an acute situation has lasted on the peninsula, a war can break out at any time which may spill over into neighboring countries and lead to a world nuclear war.

The grave situation on the peninsula poses a great threat to the countries around the peninsula and all other countries around the world.

To defend the global peace, a danger of war has to be removed from the peninsula, a land beset with the danger of a nuclear war.

Nuclear weapons and the U.S. troops have to be withdrawn from south Korea to have the tension reduced and the danger of war removed from the peninsula. This is a prerequisite to the peace on the peninsula and the rest of the world and is also consistent with the U.S. interests.

If Washington withdraws its troops and nuclear weapons from south Korea, the most dangerous hotbed of a nuclear war will disappear.

The U.S. should give up its hostile policy towards the DPRK. It should retract the hostile policy that caused the issues of war and peace on the peninsula and take practical step to build trust.

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