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S. Korean Students Accuse Puppet Chief Executive
Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) -- Members of the postgraduate course and students of Theological Institute of Hansin University of south Korea issued a declaration on the situation in Seoul on Wednesday accusing the puppet chief executive.

The declaration condemned the Park Geun Hye's "government" for checking the investigation into the case of the Intelligence Service's interference in the "presidential" election and not showing its will to reform the relevant system.

It said that today's situation in which the authorities are fostering ideological conflict in society by dint of the campaign of "eliminating the forces following the north" reminds one of harsh crackdown during the period of the "yusin" regime.

Park Geun Hye should step down holding responsibility for the illegal "presidential" election, it said, calling on Park to stop the campaign of "eliminating the forces following the north" and settle the matter related to the people's livelihood.

It concluded that the authorities' act of fomenting social division and conflict and suppressing the religionists after labeling them as "forces following the north" made the students turn out in the act of issuing a declaration on the situation.

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