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S. Korean Religionists Protest Puppet Authorities' Racket for Eliminating "Forces Following North"
Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) -- The religionists of five religious fraternities of Kwanju, south Korea staged an action for making public the declaration on the situation in Kwangju on Dec. 5 in demand of the resignation of the puppet regime.

The participants in the action said that the "presidential election" has been proved as a fraudulent one by organized and illegal interference of the Intelligence Service and other power bodies.

It is quite natural to investigate the case and punish its prime movers but the authorities are disturbing the investigation and cracking down on the participants of the candlelight struggle after terming them the "forces following the north," they noted.

Innumerable are the cases of human rights abuses and undemocratic acts such as countering the demand for vital rights with the "theory of coloring", they deplored.

They called for tiding over without fail the present situation where the racket for "eliminating the forces following the north" has become endemic.

It is time for them to fight at the risk of their lives, they stressed, calling on the religionists to pool their efforts.

They urged the chief executive to stop the above-said racket and step down at once.

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