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S. Korean Ruling Forces Urged to Step Down
Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- The Chondoist Joint Measure Committee for Denouncing Illegal Interference in Presidential Election and Deterioration of People's Living in south Korea made public a declaration on the situation on Dec. 3 in demand of the resignation of the puppet ruling forces. The Committee groups the Tonghak Society for National Reunification, the Chondoist Youth Association and other organizations.

The declaration said that the "government" is paying lip service to the improved people's living but pursuing a policy for big businesses, pushing common people's living to a cliff.

Economic democracy and well-being called for by the present ruling forces during the election campaign have disappeared, it deplored, accusing them of reducing the bosses of power bodies to their yes men to cause the irregularities and inequality to fester.

Noting that Park Geun Hye who cried out for "clear election" whenever a chance presented itself is describing the religionists' call for her resignation as "confusion and division", it went on:

The "president" should make a responsible decision as regards illegal interference in the election by the Intelligence Service and other power bodies and deterioration of people's living.

Special inspection should be made to probe the truth about the fraudulent election and punish the prime mover.

The "government" should pay heed to the religionists' criticism made for the sake of the weak in society and justice and stop at once the reckless racket for eliminating the "forces following the north."

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