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Ardent Yearning for Kim Jong Il Runs Higher in DPRK
Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- Workers of the light industrial sector in the DPRK are working hard to fulfill their yearly production quotas with ardent yearning for leader Kim Jong Il, who dedicated all his life to the improvement of the people's livelihood, with the approach of the 2nd anniversary of his demise.

Workers of the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill are effecting a fresh upsurge in cloth production, determined to carry out Kim Jong Il's behests to the letter.

It was in May Juche 100 (2011) that Kim Jong Il visited the mill.

Looking round varieties of goods made of Tetron rayon fabrics, he called for boosting the production of quality cloth to meet the taste of the people.

Marshal Kim Jong Un, when visiting the mill in October this year, said the mill takes a big share in improving the standard of people's living and indicated the tasks to be fulfilled by the mill.

He personally selected a site for the mill's hostel and settled all problems concerning the construction.

Min Il Hong, manager of the mill, told KCNA:

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un showed the same loving care for the weavers as leader Kim Jong Il did.

The employees of the mill are determined to make a qualitative and quantitative growth of production as expected by Kim Jong Un.

The mill is now making every effort to update its production processes.

Yearning for Kim Jong Il also serves as an incentive to increase the production in the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory.

Ri Sung Hui, manager of the factory, said;

When visiting the factory in December 2010, Kim Jong Il, satisfied to see the products, underscored the need to mass-produce quality hosiery. His sunny smile will be always remembered by all the employees of the factory who unanimously turn out in increasing the production to carry out his behests at any cost.

Production upsurge has also been witnessed at the Hamhung Knitwear Factory, Manpho Spinning Mill and other light industrial factories.

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