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S. Korean Authorities Accused of Instructing Rewriting of Textbooks
Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- South Korean people from all walks of life staged actions across south Korea on Dec. 2 in protest against the puppet authorities' unreasonable instruction to rewrite textbooks.

On November 29, the Education Ministry authorities issued an instruction to rewrite the textbooks for senior high schools in such a way as to distort and slander the achievements made in democratic reforms in the northern half of Korea after its liberation and the advantages of Korean-style socialism.

In the textbooks they embellished the past dictatorship and shifted the blame for the division onto the north. The descriptions made by the conservative forces which passed the recent screening including the supplemented parts inciting confrontation with the north such as the "issue of human rights performance in the north" are contained in the textbooks.

In this regard the People's Network for Nullifying Screening of Newly Written Textbooks Embellishing Pro-Japanese Acts and Dictatorship grouping the Teachers Union, the Solidarity for Implementing Justice of History and others held a press conference in Seoul.

At the conference the Network declared that the instruction given by the Ministry of Education is little short of admitting itself that the present regime is embellishing dictatorship as it was an action taken in disregard of the essence of education.

The main objective of the instruction was, in a word, to rewrite history just like the textbook produced by the conservative group, it said, branding the pressure to use the textbook which should be scrapped as a standard is as shameless an act as infusing neo-conservative idea into the students.

The organization demanded the Park Geun Hye regime retract the instruction and cancel the approval of the screening of the textbook produced by the conservative forces.

Similar protest actions took place simultaneously before the buildings of the education offices across south Korea including Pusan, Taegu, Taejon, Ulsan and North Chungchong, North Jolla, South Kyongsang and Jeju provinces on the same day.

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