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South Korean Puppet Group Accused of Its Moves to Suppress Progress, Democracy
Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Central Committee of the General Federation of the Unions of Art and Literature of Korea (GFUALK) issued the following statement on Tuesday accusing the south Korean puppet group of traitors of its moves to suppress social progress and democracy:

Facing public censure for reviving the "yusin" dictatorship from the outset of its office, the present puppet conservative regime of south Korea is making every desperate effort to arrest the struggle of the popular masses from all walks of life against its election rigging through its terror-ridden campaign for eliminating "forces following the north," though truth about the fraudulent election has been disclosed in succession.

This campaign reminds one of the period of "yusin" dictatorship in which the fascist junta brutally suppressed and punished democratic figures and innocent people who stood in its way of maintaining its power after labeling them "pro-communists" and "elements advocating alliance with communism".

Even the political parties, organizations, politicians, religionists and men of literature and arts desirous of democratic reforms of south Korean society resolutely turned out in actions for democracy as they hate all sorts of social evils and injustice.

The GFUALK Central Committee voices full support and solidarity with the struggle of the south Korean people of all social strata and bitterly denounces the bestial moves of the puppet group of traitors to crack down upon social progress and democracy, reflecting voices of justice and conscience.

In south Korea even the call for elementary right to live and democracy is considered as a crime and free expression of will and free activities are subject to merciless crackdown after being branded as "acts of following the north".

We men of literature and arts are pioneers steering the times, censuring injustice with pens of justice and microphones of conscience.

The gruesome situation of south Korea calls on the men of literature and arts to become torches indicating truth and standard-bearers of justice and take the lead in the actions for independence, democracy and reunification.

No matter how hard the puppet conservative group may try to quell the voices of justice and conscience with fascist suppression, victory belongs to the men of literature and arts and other people of south Korea in their patriotic actions for justice.

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