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Efficient Fermentation Apparatus Made in DPRK
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- A new-type fermentation apparatus for mushroom substrate, installed at the Central Mushroom Research Institute of the DPRK State Academy of Sciences, is now arousing public interest in the country.

The energy-saving apparatus can sterilize substrate at temperature of 50-60 degrees and humidity of 60-65 percent.

The equipment consists of combined control panel and steam generator. The combined control panel is designed to measure the fermenting room temperature and humidity and automatically control the steam generator and air-heater. The steam generator, a type of electric boiler, can turn

out steam of 25 kg per hour.

The double-framed fermentation equipment can raise the fermentation effect over 98 percent with less power consumption as it automatically controls the temperature and humidity.

Inside it there is a shelf for dozens of substrate vessels. And it is arranged with six vents, two ventilators and an air-heater and sensors of various kinds.

The equipment was manufactured at the experimental apparatus factory under the State Academy of Sciences.

Visiting the institute in October, supreme leader Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the equipment, developed by local scientists and technicians.

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