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Various Units Fulfill National Economic Plans for November
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Different units of the national economy fulfilled their November plans.

The Ryongrim, Chilli and other coal mines of the Anju Area Coal-mining Complex carried out their November plans by giving top priority to capital and preparatory tunneling and increasing coal production.

The Chonnae Area Coal-mining Complex overfulfilled its monthly plan for coal production 116 percent. The Munchon, Samchon and other coal mines produced more coal than planned every day by enhancing the speed of tunneling and cutting. The Tukjang, Mujindae Youth, Ramjon, Hukryong, Toksan, Ryongnam and other coal mines also boosted coal production.

Officials and workers of hydraulic power stations carried out the monthly plan of the Management Bureau of Hydroelectric Power of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry 109.8 percent.

Workers and technicians of the Huichon, Suphung, Hochongang, Jangjagang, Wiwon, Thaechon, Samsu and Ryesonggang power stations increased electricity power by scrupulously organizing equipment management and technical control.

The sector of railway transport overfulfilled the ministry's monthly plan for freight transport 100.4 percent. Innovations were made in freight transport for improving the standard of people's living and transport plan for the light industrial front, the main orientation for building an economic power, was carried out 103.6 percent.

The Pyongyang Railway Bureau successfully transported raw materials to the Chollima Steel Complex by scrupulously organizing intensive transport.

Officials and workers of the Hamhung, Chongjin and Rason railway bureaus steadily increased their transport plans.

Various units of the light industrial sector are setting a model in carrying out their plans.

The Guidance Bureau of Sericulture and Silk Industry overfulfilled the November plan 102 percent in gross industrial output value and production of silk fabrics and ordinary clothes over 100 percent respectively.

The workers of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill and Hamhung, Kangso and other silk mills across the country produced more threads than the plans through the brisk socialist emulation for increased production. Officials and workers of the Pakchon, Nyongbyon and Tokchon silk mills also made achievements in production.

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