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Christian Federation of Korea Supports S. Korean Religionists
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Central Committee of the Christian Federation of Korea Monday made public a statement bitterly denouncing the south Korean puppet authorities' harsh suppression of the progressive and democratic forces and the medieval racket to "eliminate forces following the north" as an unpardonable act of treachery.

The present situation in south Korea reminds one of the "yusin" dictatorship era in which the aspiration for national unity was ruthlessly suppressed amid the whirlwind of fascism and dictatorship, and anti-communism and confrontation with fellow countrymen became the "national policy", the statement said, and went on:

The remnants of "yusin" dictatorship regime held the posts of power by employing every possible intrigue and are making a desperate bid to reverse history.

It is clear if this development is overlooked, south Korea will go back to the medieval era of darkness and turn into the tundra where dream for democracy is repressed.

Maintenance of justice is the way out but submission to injustice leads to death. It is a lesson shown by the distressful history of south Korea interwoven with fascism and dictatorship.

Conscientious Christians should bravely turn out in the just and sacred struggle to punish the group of Satans that brings the disaster of a nuclear war to this land after making south Korea a theater of fascist rowdyism, while checking reconciliation and unity of compatriots.

The group of vicious evils hurting the fellow countrymen, being forsaken by public mindset, will never be able to evade the punishment by Heaven and history.

Christians in the DPRK will as ever stand by the Christians in south Korea who value love, justice and peace in their actions to bring new democratized society.

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