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Action against Dissolution of Progressive Political Party Declared
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- The representative of the Unified Progressive Party of south Korea and lawmakers affiliated to it held a press conference outside the building of Chongwadae on Nov. 29 and declared the action against the puppet group's moves to dissolve the political party.

At the press conference, the speakers denounced the authorities for terming the party the "forces following the north" for the mere reason that it called for enforcing the politics for the workers and farmers, ensuring the political freedom and achieving the reconciliation, cooperation and reunification of the south and the north.

Querying that those who do not follow Park Geun Hye are the "forces following the north", they said the moves to dissolve the party should be stopped at once as it is aimed to eliminate political dissidents.

They declared the start of new action to ensure democracy outside the building of Chongwadae.

They stressed that they would carry on an unflinching struggle in protest against the dictatorship regime which violates democracy, works to fix the division and deteriorates the people's livelihood.

The regime's continued act aimed to revive the "yusin" dictatorship and suppress the people will meet nothing but the resistance by the masses as in the past, they warned.

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