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S. Korean Chief Executive Flailed for Trying Hard to Conceal Truth about Election Rigging
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Minjok Thongsin, an internet paper of Koreans in the U.S., on Nov. 25 carried an article contributed by a Korean in the U.S. denouncing the south Korean puppet chief executive for working hard to conceal the truth about the interference in the illegal election.

Koreans in the U.S. are becoming increasingly vocal demanding the resignation of Park Geun Hye, terming the past "presidential election" fraudulent election in which government power interfered, the article said.

It accused Park Geun Hye of sidestepping all sorts of frauds during the election, ruthlessly cracking down on those disturbing her and making desperate efforts to evade the blame for it at any cost.

The behavior of the chief executive to conceal the truth about the case is the height of shamelessness, it stressed.

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