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S. Korean Regime Slammed for Acting against People's Will
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Representatives of civic and public organizations of south Korea including the Confederation of Trade Unions, the Women's Solidarity and the Solidarity for Progress held a press conference in Seoul on Nov. 28 at which they denounced the puppet group for acting against the people's will.

They recalled representatives of all social standings handed to Chongwadae a written request reflecting the will of the people condemning the present regime for its misrule violating democracy, reneging on the commitments and driving the people's living into destitution. But Chongwadae has given no answer to it, they charged.

The Park Geun Hye regime is denying the call of the people for probing the truth about the election rigging and intensifying the suppression of civic and public organizations while getting hell-bent on privatizing public sectors, they held, and went on:

It is also pressing forward the construction of the Jeju naval base to be used by the U.S. forces despite the military tensions on the Korean Peninsula. This means that it would further intensify the treacherous rule threatening peace.

If the authorities continue turning down the people's demands, the people will launch a large-scale protest campaign against Chongwadae on Dec. 7.

At the end of the press conference they handed the "written request of people to government" to Chongwadae.

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