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S. Korean Puppet Regime of Suppression of Just Struggle of Peasants under Fire
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea released a statement on Sunday in protest against the south Korean conservative regime's repressive rule and unpopular policies.

The statement accused the conservative group of driving many peasants in south Korea into a pitfall of death by enforcing a policy to ruin agriculture. It continued:

Nevertheless, the puppet regime is brutally cracking down upon the peasants who came out in protest actions for protecting their right to existence, deploring the ruined agriculture, after groundlessly branding them as "forces following the north".

The conservative group is desperately working to mislead the public opinion through the racket for eliminating the "forces following the north" and tide over its ruling crisis by mobilizing fascist repressive forces. But this is nothing but last-ditch efforts of those on deathbed.

Only when the poisonous roots of "yusin" are totally pulled out and the south Korean society plagued by the unpopular rule is brought down, will it be possible to pave a wide avenue for independence, democracy and reunification desired by the popular masses and ensure the existence of peasants in south Korea.

All agricultural workers in the DPRK as part of the same nation and as the same peasants cultivating this land will always positively support the just struggle of the south Korean peasants who have risen up to win back justice and democracy and protect their cradle.

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