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Head of DPRK Delegation Speaks at IMO General Assembly
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- The head of the DPRK delegation made a speech at the 28th general assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on November 26.

He referred to the significance of the assembly and the achievements made in maritime security as well as the work of the Secretariat of the IMO for improving its work in line with the requirements and interests of its member states.

The prevailing situation requires the IMO to increase its responsibility and role for guaranteeing the security of the marine transport which plays an important role in world trade and creating clear sea environment, he said, mentioning the issues to be settled by the IMO and its member states.

Noting that under the wise guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un all people in the DPRK are waging a general onward movement for building a thriving socialist nation, he went on:

The DPRK government is taking practical measures to reenergize the overall economy of the country in order to promote economic construction and improve the people's living standard at an early date, and, at the same time, channeling big efforts into developing marine transport which is of weighty significance in economic development.

The DPRK, in particular, has achieved a series of successes in implementing major conventions and rules newly adopted by the IMO.

It has made progress in the work for implementing the "2012 Manila Convention." It is improving the system of quality control of maritime administration by revising domestic laws and regulations and increasing the role of the maritime certification organ in order to carry out the international conventions and rules that had been modified and effectuated.

It deployed ultra-short wave coastal radio stations in 25 appropriate places along the eastern and western coasts of the country for maritime detecting and rescue and is making preparations for successfully establishing the system of long-range identification and tracking of ships by operating the stations from next year.

It accessed to the International Convention on Moving Satellite Organization on October 15, performing its mission as a member state of the organization in close touch with it for marine security.

It is also pushing ahead with the work to create clear maritime environment in keeping with the increase of state investment in maritime environmental protection.

The DPRK government will as ever boost the relations of friendship and cooperation with the member states of the IMO in the invariable idea of its foreign policy-- independence, peace and friendship-- and make a positive contribution to the global efforts for navigation safety and maritime environmental protection.

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