December 27. 2013 Juche 102
Kim Jong Un Attends Ceremony of Awarding Commendations to Fisheries
Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Fisheries
State Commendations Awarded to Fisheries
Kim Jong Un Commends Exemplary Persons in Fisheries
Watches Bearing August Name of Kim Il Sung Awarded to Fisheries
S. Korean Police Suppression of KCTU under Fire
Nepalese President Supports Korean People's Struggle
Kim Jong Un Receives Message from Russian Party Leader
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Constitution of DPRK
Papers Mark Constitution Day
S. Korean Students Demand Chief Executive Fulfill Election Commitment
S. Korean Organization Declares Actions against Disbandment of Opposition Party
Improvement of Peasants' Living Urged by S. Korean Internet Paper
S. Korean Regime Accused of Suppressing Labor Movement
Kim Jong Il Lauded in Poland
Important Days of DPRK Commemorated Abroad
Works of Kim Jong Un Widely Disseminated Abroad
Kimjongilia Shows Held in Russia, Mongolia
Kim Jong Il's Feats Lauded in Russia, Mongolia
British Organizations Praise Kim Jong Il as Banner of Victory

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un asiste a ceremonia de condecoracion del partido y el Estado
Kim Jong Un toma foto junto con participantes en reunion de activistas de rama pesquera
RPDC celebra dia de constitucion socialista
Periodicos conmemoran Dia de Constitucion Socialista de RPDC

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