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CPRK Secretariat Raps S. Korean Regime for Suppressing Religious Body
Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued its information bulletin 1054 on Thursday in denunciation of the south Korean puppet conservative group's desperate moves to suppress the Catholic Priests' Council for Justice by labeling it "forces following the north."

The puppet conservative group is brutally suppressing the council's just struggle, after labeling it "forces following the north" by linking it with the north, it said, and went on:

This is nothing but a last-ditch frenzy of those who feel guilty in the wake of the full disclosure of its election rigging.

This time such religious body as the above-said council came out in demand of Park Geun Hye's resignation. This was reflection and eruption of south Korean public anger at the conservative group keen to revive the "yusin" dictatorship after seizing power by use of all sorts of government power and illegal methods.

Where there is oppression, there always comes resistance. It is quite natural that people come out in protest actions in south Korea where injustice, illegality and fascist dictatorship prevail.

The puppet regime branded even the religious organization as "forces following the north" for the mere reason that the latter uttered words displeasing the former. This only proves that "the forces following the north" touted by the regime are no more than an excuse for politically-motivated suppression of them.

The south Korean conservative group is attempting to fabricate another case like the one of Ri Sok Gi by branding the above-said religious organization as "the one following the north" as it did against the Unified Progressive Party. However, it will only touch off bitterer public resentment and fiercer mass resistance in south Korea.

It is the universally accepted conscience of humankind and a well-deserved right of everybody to support justice and censure injustice.

Moreover, we can neither remain indifferent to the strong demand and voices of south Korean people calling for justice as compatriots nor overlook the south Korean conservative forces' crackdown upon their struggle by linking it with the north.

We will as ever stand by the south Korean people who have risen up for justice and democracy and positively support their just struggle.

Park Geun Hye chiefly to blame for the fraudulent election can never be able to shirk her responsibility for it.

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