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Tunnels along Manpho-Hyesan Railroad Reconstructed
Manpho, November 15 (KCNA) -- Reconstruction of tunnels along the Manpho-Hyesan railroad came to an end in a little more than four months in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, paving a way for finishing the northern railway reconstruction project ahead of schedule.

The reconstruction of tunnels needed much effort, but the members of the youth shock brigade devotedly worked for its completion.

The headquarters of the shock brigade made a proper disposition of labor force and meticulously organized the project, while putting the supply of materials and equipment ahead of others.

Through the socialist emulation campaign, members of the shock brigade finished plastering of tunnel walls by the 60th anniversary of the Korean people's victory in the Fatherland Liberation War (July 27, 1953).

They displayed a high degree of enthusiasm in carrying out the project for plastering of ceilings. They invented new methods of formwork to save time, thus speeding up concrete tamping.

Thanks to their devoted efforts, the reconstruction of dozens of tunnels was brought to a qualitative completion.

Now they are putting spurs to rounding off the reconstruction of overall railways in the northern part of the country at an early date.

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