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Stories about Kim Jong Un's Loving Care for Future
Pyongyang, October 23 (KCNA) -- The Okryu Children's Hospital has been built as one of the monumental edifices in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The hospital looks like a palace for the children.

It has a lot of stories about the warm love shown by supreme leader Kim Jong Un for posterity. Following are some of them:

- Heliport

When the construction of the hospital was at height its soldier-builders got surprised to hear that a project for heliport was added to its design.

Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un took this step in anticipation of emergency patients from distance.

After all, a heliport was created at the hospital, touching the hearts of builders and citizens.

- "Exhibition of Juvenile Films"

All walls from the first floor to the sixth floor of the hospital are decorated with more than 1 700 scenes from Korean children's films and collections of world's famous tales for children.

Those pictures on the walls were drawn by professional artists and teachers and students of Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, in response to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un.

People call them "Exhibition of Juvenile Films".

- Enigma

A foreign expert came to the hospital when its medical equipment and apparatuses were being assembled.

Seeing expensive facilities of the hospital, he asked a DPRK guide whom it is for, adding it is hard to believe that they are needed for the treatment of children.

Though he was told that children of ordinary working masses in the DPRK would get medical service at the hospital without payment, he still remained skeptical about the fact, stressing that he had never seen such practice in any country.

So, the expert decided to visit the hospital later to get an answer for his enigma.

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