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Osaka Mayor Accused of Justifying Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army
Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, co-head of the Japan Restoration Party, sent an open letter to the San Francisco City Assembly of the U.S., in which he demanded it rescind its resolution censuring his remarks justifying the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

Minju Joson Monday in commentary terms his remarks something stunning.

Hashimoto's wrong outlook on history has gone beyond tolerance limit, the commentary notes, and goes on:

If one has a prejudiced outlook, one is bound to have a twisted view on everything.

Hashimoto with a wrong outlook on history is claiming that it is wrong for the world community to raise an entirely just demand.

There are many stupid guys as Hashimoto in Japan.

But the Japanese imperialists should bear in mind that history is not a product. The shuddering crimes committed by Japan in the past can neither be downplayed nor be written off no matter how desperately it denies and embellishes them.

Japan's settlement of its past is urgently required by the world community.

The more desperately it works to shirk its responsibility for its past crimes, the bigger its crimes become. This is truth of history.

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