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S. Korean Workers Denounce Authorities for Cooking Up Case of Plotted Rebellion
Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a press interview at its conference hall on Sept. 10 to denounce the "government" authorities for plotting a case of rebellion.

The speakers said the Intelligence Service plotted the case of rebellion against the opposition party to cover up its intervention in the election, thus challenging the public.

The spearhead would inevitably be directed to the working people strongly calling for democracy and right to existence, they stated, and went on:

The recent case helped them realize that the plotted rebellion case can put in danger the opposition party and the progressive forces alike.

They will never overlook the authorities' suppression of freedom of thinking and conscience but turn out to fight for the right to existence against the suppression by the security authorities to build an ideal society desired by the workers.

They vowed to wage unflinching actions for the abolition of the "National Security Law" and the reform of social system.

A declaration was read out at the interview in which the workers denounced the puppet authorities for plotting the case and demanded the abolition of the fascist evil law.

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