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Crackdown upon Reunification Movement under Fire in S. Korea
Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) -- More than 100 organizations and over 600 figures in south Korea and abroad issued a declaration on the situation on September 11 in denunciation of the puppet group's crackdown upon the south headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) and their movement for reunification.

The declaration denounced the present ruling force for not only suppressing organizations and figures who called for the improvement of the south-north relations and peace on the Korean Peninsula, being critical of the "government", on charges of violation of the "National Security Law" (NSL) but also arresting them by labeling them as "followers of the north" and "communists".

The declaration said that after the "Saenuri Party" took office, there was a drastic increase of cases in which various circles desirous of the implementation of the south-north joint declaration and stop to the joint military drills with the U.S. were suppressed, being branded as "enemy-benefiting".

In particular, the on-going crackdown upon the south headquarters of Pomminryon indicates the likelihood of surging storm of crackdown upon the pro-reunification organizations and figures on charges of violation of the "NSL", it held.

It noted that even the UN is demanding the repeal of the evil law, a copy of the Japanese "Maintenance of the Public Order Act".

It said the interference in the presidential election engineered by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) as an extension of infliction of sufferings on the people by dint of the evil and undemocratic law is sparking off a social furor.

It can not but be an act of "undermining the existence and security" to deprive the people of their rights by mobilizing the power for the political interests of the specified force.

It called for an immediate stop to the fascist violence of branding the demands of the people as acts "following the north" and "benefiting the enemy".

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